Looking for team building activities?

Enjoy action-packed adventure at Baden-Powell Activity Centre with a range of outdoor and indoor activities to choose from. Spend the day testing your courage and learning new skills.

If you're looking for the perfect day of adventurous activities, check out our Adventure Day Package.

We have a number of on-site activities available! This includes:

Camp Cooking

Have you ever wondered how to cook food if we didn’t have gas, electricity and all our modern cooking equipment? Get back to basics and learn how to build and light the perfect cooking campfire, make and cook traditional damper (bread) over your open campfire. The best part is that you get to eat your toasty warm damper at the end with a variety of condiments like honey or maple syrup.

Bread not your thing? How about come and bake cheesy bacon jacket potatoes on the fire instead. Yum!

Want to challenge yourself even further? We can provide you the complete campfire cooking experience where you learn to cook a whole three course meal over the fire. We make a savoury damper for entrée, sausages and roast vegetables for main and a banana boat or baked cinnamon apple for dessert.

Now we’re camp cooking!

Low Ropes

Challenge your teamwork and problem solving skills with our low ropes challenge course and initiative games session. These activities give a combined challenge of tricky physical obstacles with mental problem solving such as our spider's web element, get your whole team past all without touching the web but there is a catch! How will you get your team mates safely up and through the holes with our varying strengths and sizes.

Our initiative games have similar team work outcomes working on communication, problem solving, leadership and followership dynamics, group decision making. Get your whole team over our 'acid river' with magic tiles, untie the human knot, flip the magic carpet while standing on it, lower the floating helium stick and many more exciting challenges to get you thinking outside the box and working to your team’s full potential. These challenges can be adapted by our team to suit any age and ability level.


Using your newly acquired knot tying and building skills taught by our expert instructors. You will design and build your very own ballista (think of a giant sling shot!) and compete in a variety of challenges to test out the capabilities of your ballista including distance competitions, accuracy competitions and a group favourite - water warfare! This activity will require people of many different skills and abilities are you strong, a planner, a people organizer, dexterous and technical? We need your skills, bring them to the team!


Enjoy a guided bushwalk in the stunning Lane Cove National Park. You will get to walk a section of the historic Great North Walk and enjoy the unique forested areas and Lane Cove River in the park. Lane Cove National Park is a significant conservation area containing locally endangered communities including turpentine forest and animals such as the powerful owl. Our guides can tell you about some of the history and ecology of the area and even show you some bushfoods to try.

Orienteering course

Get your survival skills on and learn how to navigate in the Australian bush using maps, compasses and land features. The 1-2 km course will challenge your teams while you find the hidden codes and compete with other teams to see who can find the most codes and earn the most points! How will you approach the challenge - get time on your side with a fast pace, or slow steady and accurate? Will you tackle the big point earners first or aim to get more small point codes but aim for quantity?

Crate Stacking

Test your forward thinking and teamwork skills by stacking milk crates on top of each other whilst climbing up the side of the stack at the same time!

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