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Catering at the Centre is provided by the in house Chefs 'Catering in the Bush'. Their catering is simply outstanding! The delicious and innovative meals produced by our two excellent Chefs are constantly receiving accolades - the quality is first class. (Minimum Tariffs apply)

Meals can be arranged to suit most occasions and requirements.  Special diets and needs can be served by prior arrangement.   All meals and teas can be provided. Meals can be buffet or formal depending on the client requirements.


       Sample Group Meals

1. Turkish bread sandwiches, French bread melts, Fresh fruit platter, Tea & coffee

2. Sundried tomato, bacon and chicken frittata, Orange fennel & parsley salad

3. Roast Potato Salad, Green salad, Roast beef, Polenta, Crusty breads, Cheese & fruit platter

4. Risotto with mushrooms, spinach & roasted red capsicum, Greens, Crusty breads, Fruit & cheese platter


        Morning/Afternoon Teas

1. Scones with jam & cream, Tea & coffee, Fresh fruit

2. Muffins, Tea & coffee, Fresh fruit

3. Friands, Tea & coffee, Fresh fruit


       Sample Desserts

1. Pavlova

2. Chocolate Mousse

3. Bavarian

4. Apple Pies

5. Soft meringue & berry roll

6. Ginger Bavoris with mango and star anise

7. Marinated strawberries and rhubarb & cream


    Sample School Meals

1. Spaghetti bolognaise, Salads, Crusty breads, Cordial, Fresh fruit

2. Continental meats, Sausages, Salads, Crusty breads, Cordial, Fresh fruit in season

3. Turkish bread sandwiches, Cordial, Fresh fruit

4. Home handmade Hamburgers, Cordial, Fresh fruit

5. Roast chicken drumsticks, Rice and Vegetables

6. Lasagne, Hot vegetables